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Professional Electric and Double Bass Player / Composer / Arranger - Berlin, Germany to Worldwide
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  • @Cameron. wait are @'s cool? fuck it, i don't care. anyways, I was wondering if you had any advice on like becoming a session bassist?

    Asked by Anonymous


    Sorry for the slow reply. I don’t come on Tumblr very often and been busy over the last few weeks!

    Back to the question.

    Advice I would give would go for practically everything in music.

    Contacts - the more people you know in the music industry the better. The majority of sessioning I have done has been for people who I have known for a while. When you have your name out there as a reliable and competent bassist, work will come easier.

    Theory - learning music theory -although not necessarily required- is a huge advantage, especially when it comes to higher demanding work where sheet music may be given and you may be expected to use that without any rehearsing.

    Gear/transportation - it is important to have suitable gear and transport. No use turning up to a 500+ venue with a 20watt practice amp.

    Not being a dick - sounds somewhat condescending but the better you are to get along with the more likely people are to keep you in mind for future jobs.

    Versatility - The more genres and styles of music you can play the better as it opens up different types of gigs for you.

    - Cameron.

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